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We are experts in the human side. We believe the human element of pain, suffering and disability is much more important than the cost of a vehicle.

We therefore help you and your client document and validate their injuries and injury mechanisms.


Accident investigation begins with accumulating all available evidence. This includes scene photographs of the vehicles and the crash site. Mapping of the scene will sometimes need to be done and this can be accomplished with Google maps or an actual scene visit.  A police report is important to obtain. This gives the officer’s narrative about how the crash occurred, witness statements, the road composition, speed limits, lighting, weather and time of day of the crash and witness statements.


Physical inspection of the vehicles can be accomplished, if they are still available.  Even if repaired pertinent information can be gleaned from the vehicle.  Some repair shops will do the minimum in order to get more business from insurers. Therefore it’s important to inspect the vehicle and compare the damage to the estimates/repair bill.


Specific evidence of a crash is captured in the vehicles Event Data Recorder. This evidence can be accessed by using our Crash Data Retrieval system. This system often helps clear up, who hit whom first, how fast were the cars going at impact, what is the change in velocity of the vehicles, were the occupants restrained, were they braking and so much more.

Vehicle Data & Crash Data Retrieval
  • Physical examination of vehicle(s) involved

  • Retrieve data from onboard CDR/EDR

  • Use retrieved data from vehicle to reconstruct the occupant behavior and vehicle reaction to collision

  • Collect vehicle data/specs to compare measurements before/after and calculate kinetic energy, speed, etc. related to collision

Police Reports

Validate information about the vehicles involved, road conditions, determination of at-fault, speed limit, officer narrative, witness statements.

Vehicle Repair Estimates & Costs

Useful in determining the extent of damage to vehicle upon detailed examination


Biomechanics is the study of forces applied to biological tissues.  We have a deep understanding of the occupant kinematics and the forces applied by the motor vehicle collision. Our expertise in this area explains what happens in a motor vehicle collision and helps explain the particular injured tissues.


Occupant Kinematics - how the body of the occupants move in relationship to Principle Direction of Force of the impacting vehicle, tells how and why certain structures of the body get injured during a crash.


All of the following have important effects on the occupant:


  • Occupant position

  • Previous injuries/conditions

  • Seat Belt usage

  • Awareness

  • Vehicle crash configuration/crash worthiness of the vehicle.

  • Gender

Human Factors
  • Gender

  • Physical Makeup

  • Awareness


Chiropractic Medicine education, on average, has more hours of training in anatomy, orthopedics, neurology, imaging studies and biomechanics than does the average medical degree program. In a traumatic vehicle collision these skills are crucial for understanding the mechanism of injury, diagnosis and therefore appropriate treatment and the final prognosis of the patient. After reviewing current medical records and comparing them with past medical records allows us to make a causal relationship of the patient injuries, a medical diagnosis, and if necessary apportion the crash injuries.


Review records of past patient treatment and correlating the traumatic event to the patient’s physical injuries.

Establishing Causation

After reviewing past medical records and evaluating the post-collision injuries, we can use our understanding of the collision mechanism to identify the injuries related to the motor vehicle collision.


As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Eldridge's scope of practice allows him to diagnose any musculoskeletal injury, mild traumatic brain injuries, order imaging studies such as MRI, CT, PET scans, etc. The scope of practice of a chiropractic physician also allows him to recommend consultation for surgery or advanced procedures, such as facet injections and ablations.

Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Crash Forensics, LLC will do IME’s and records review to validate treatment programs, assess current patient status, recommend future need for care and identify permanent impairments.​


Dr. Randy Eldridge did an outstanding job evaluating the details of a complicated liability disputed case.  His report, outlining in detail the logical and common sense credibility issues with both the Defendant and the insurer retained accident reconstructionist, helped us reach a $1.625 million settlement in this three year litigated case.  We thank him for his tireless dedication to finding truth through his expert knowledge and attention to detail! 

- Devon Neill, Esq.

I recently retained Dr. Eldridge to work on a disputed liability high speed he said/she said collision.   My client was concussed at the scene of the accident and wasn’t able to convey her version of events to the investigating police officer and no citation was issued to either party.  Dr. Eldridge solved all our problems for my client and I.  His investigative work and report were so solid I got policy limits offers on both available policies.  I was absolutely certain I was going to have to file a lawsuit.  I cannot recommend Dr. Eldridge and Crash Forensics highly enough.  He is in a class of his own in terms of his professionalism and knowledge surrounding accident reconstruction. 

- Richard C. Casey, Esq.

I have no doubt that Dr. Eldridge’s reports added value to the cases I used him in. One case Dr. Eldridge helped me with involved a rear-end collision with less than $700.00 in property damage. My client was an out-of-position driver that injured his right shoulder. Dr. Eldridge was able to explain the forces the shoulder experienced that caused the injury. Before Dr. Eldridge’s report, the insurance company’s top offer was $10,000. After Dr. Eldridge’s report, the insurance company offered more than 7 times that amount at mediation! Because of Dr. Eldridge’s report, I was able to get the money my client deserved for the injuries he sustained. I recommend Dr. Eldridge to anyone that has a difficult insurance company on the other side that claims no mechanism of injury exists because the property damage is so minimal.

- Geri Flynn, Esq.

I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Eldridge on two cases where biomechanical reports explaining the mechanisms of injury were necessary. His reports are masterfully crafted, thorough, and detail oriented as well as supported by reputable sources regarding the calculations Dr. Eldridge used in his reports.

- Richard Kunckel, Esq.

I have used Dr. Eldridge on several occasions for accident reconstruction and biomechanical issues. Recently, I litigated a hotly contested liability case, involving a bicyclist and an automobile, in a busy downtown Denver intersection, where the insurance carrier was adamant that it would not pay, and their insured was not at fault. I retained Dr. Eldridge. He immediately took charge, went to the scene on multiple occasions to recreate the circumstances of the collision, and prepared a written report of his findings. Shortly after, I settled the case with a very favorable outcome for my client. Dr. Eldridge, being a chiropractor, was also able to better explain the medicine to me regarding my client’s injuries, which helped me even further at the negotiation table. I would highly recommend Dr. Eldridge if you need thorough, complete and professional expert assistance on a disputed liability case or an accident reconstruction.

- Ross S. Iakovakis, Esq.

A client came to me after being turned away by several other law firms.  He had a tricky car accident involving a left turn and an oncoming vehicle far in excess of the speed limit.  We knew this guy was speeding, but lacked the evidence. Immediately I turned to Crash Forensics.  I knew I could rely on Dr. Eldridge for a thorough analysis and quick turnaround, and that's exactly what he provided.  Using the report from Crash Forensics, the case went from a $0 offer, denied liablity claim into recovery of all available policy limts.  My client is grateful and I'm so glad we were able to get him a positive result.  I highly recommend Dr. Eldridge and Crash Forensics. 

- Anna Burr, Esq.

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