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Dr. Thomas Randall Eldridge

Dr. Thomas Randall Eldridge,

As the only physician (MD, DO or DC), Dr. Eldridge has been in court as an expert in accident reconstruction, biomechanics and chiropractic medicine. 


Crash Forensics, LLC has the ability to help you investigate motor vehicle collisions, determining causation and liability.

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About Dr. Eldridge

Raised in the Long Beach area of Southern California, he attended California State University at Long Beach and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry and a minor in Zoology.

Dr. Eldridge attained his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1986 from the Southern California University of Health Sciences. He moved to Denver Colorado in 1986 where he practiced Chiropractic for 33 years and maintains an active Chiropractic license currently.

Dr. Eldridge completed a three year post-doctoral Diplomate Course in Occupational Health, earning his Board Certification in 1993, as one of the members of the first class to graduate with this honor.

Dr. Eldridge was the first physician (Chiropractor, MD or Doctor of Osteopathy) in Colorado to complete the training and testing to become an ACTAR accredited accident reconstructionist. He has been accredited and re-accredited 3 times over the past 15 years. Additionally, he has been testifying as an accident reconstructionist for the past 20 years.

Biomechanical training for Dr. Eldridge started in chiropractic school where he was taught the normal and pathologic biomechanics of every joint in the body. Training continued during his Occupational Health Diplomate where he learned the interrelation of fitting the worker to the workplace and fitting the workplace to the worker . This is known as ergonomics. Through testing of the workers physical capacities (Independent Medical Evaluations and Functional Capacities Evaluations) the worker is placed in the right job environment or if needed the job site can be modified to fit the worker.

Dr. Eldridge was a credentialed Active Release Technique provider (ART) for athletic and work injuries for twenty five years. During his training for this technique Dr. Eldridge learned the normal biomechanics of sports and work related activities, for example pitching a curveball or lifting a cement sack onto a pallet. By studying the normal joint mechanics then comparing these to the abnormal joint mechanics of an injury, the injured structure was identified and therefore was easily treated with the Active Release Treatment protocols. He attained level III of Sports Biomechanics and the treatment of athletic injuries.

Regarding the biomechanics of automobile injuries, Dr. Eldridge’s knowledge of occupant kinematics and biomechanics started at the Spine Research Institute of San Diego (SRISD). He attended the “Whiplash Injury Biomechanics and Brain Injury Traumatology” a four module course (48 hours) in 2000, 2010 and again in 2018 including the study of low speed crashes and why they can be more injurious relative to a higher speed crash. The courses cover the histologic properties of human tissues and their reactions in Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVC).  Accident reconstruction was covered, particularly the properties of low speed versus high speed collisions. Occupant kinematics and automotive injuries were examined.

Also, in 2000 at the “Center for Research into Automotive Safety and Health” (CRASH) an affiliate of the SRISD, Dr. Eldridge was part of their controlled Human Volunteer crash testing and their analysis which involved the Texas A&M Engineering Department.  Dr. Croft and Dr. Eldridge published a peer reviewed paper from this testing. Analysis of 19 human volunteer controlled collisions were examined.

Dr. Eldridge was also involved in the study of at least 50 controlled car to car, car to truck and truck to car, collisions through the ARC-CSI conferences. The study of 29 motorcycle collisions in various configurations were also studied.

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